Chicken Noodle Soup

As a kid, a sick day meant watching the Price is Right and a mug full of piping hot Lipton’s Noodle Soup with extra noodles. That magical, cold-fighting elixir paired with buttered saltines never failed to help soothe a sore throat or break up an unrelenting cough. While I still keep my ol’ faithful Lipton’s in the pantry – when my husband is sick, I like to take things up a notch and make a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.

I keep things simple and use a store-bought rotisserie chicken to save both time and sanity. The soup comes together quick and pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese and/or buttered saltines. The egg noodles will absorb the broth, so if your soup is too thick – simply add more liquid (broth, stock or even water).

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Lazy Girl Canning: Fridge Peppers

At the start of every growing season, the allure of the new seedlings and plants at the nursery can be a lot to handle. And I mean handle as in – I have absolutely no self control when it comes to buying what can actually fit in my garden. Thus, without a doubt, I buy and produce way more peppers than we can possibly eat.

This year it was sweet & hot banana peppers, cayenne peppers, green & red bell peppers, jalapenos, cajun belle and cherry peppers. Typing that out even seems like overkill. Note for next year – plan better, be stronger. 

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Baby Shower Baked Ziti

My sister is expecting her first baby this October and my, oh my, am I excited to be an aunt for the first time. From babysitting the little guy, to seeing him in his first Christmas outfit, to watching my sister and brother as parents –  I can not wait until he makes his big debut!

This weekend my parents hosted a big co-ed baby shower and my contribution to the spread was a massive tray of baked ziti. I simplified by doctoring up store-bought marinara and cooking the day before the party. I did not bake in the oven or add the cheese on top until the day of. Just compile and let the ziti come to room temperature – stash in the fridge and cover with foil until you’re ready to bake. Make ahead or make for Sunday night dinner, the ziti is a crowd-pleaser. How can it not be – there’s three different kinds of cheese in it!

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Melted Summer Tomato Pasta


It’s late August and the cherry tomatoes are ripening faster than I can pick and cook them. The super sweet, perfectly-round fruits are so fresh that most days I don’t even bother to turn them into a dish. Simply slice ’em in half and top with salt and fresh ground pepper – ah, total bliss.

But when I have an entire bowl of cherry tomatoes that need to be used ASAP, my favorite thing to do is simmer them into a sauce with white wine, garlic and onion. The tomatoes burst and melt – creating  a sweet, summertime gravy that is divine on top of penne and grated with parmesan.

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Eat Chipotle – Help Shelter Animals


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Two things I love – guacamole and puppies – are teaming up for a great cause this Tuesday, August 23. The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is having a fundraiser across all Western PA Chipotle’s in an effort to raise awareness and funds for shelter animals. I know you hit up the local Chipotle  at least 1x a week for dinner anyways – so why not have it be this Tuesday and help support a great cause! 50% of all proceeds from local area Chipotle’s (full listing of participating Chipotle’s below) on Tuesday will go towards the Humane Society – all you have to do is show the cashier the flyer image on your phone or simply tell the cashier you are supporting the cause.

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Bride To Be Quiche

One of my favorites parts of being a bride was picking out everything on our wedding registry. From choosing the color of my KitchenAid Mixer (Aqua Sky) – to deciding how many place settings to get vs. what we actually need (when will I ever be able to have a sit-down dinner for 12?) – to selecting a glass for literally every type of drink we could ever want – the 2+ hours Jeff and I spent in Crate & Barrel was definitely an engagement highlight.

And with the wedding registry comes dishes, pans and glasses that serve one purpose. A ceramic dish that melts brie perfectly? Sign me up. A tiny carafe for extra wine at your place setting? Need that. A quiche dish that had me envisioning boozy brunches with girlfriends? Must-have.

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Grilled Guenevere Garden Salad

For a family party with a  “Throwback to the 60’s” theme – complete with a menu full of cream of mushroom casseroles, dump cakes & whiskey sours – I figured I would bring a healthy dish to the family table. Our tomatoes are ripening and turning red and I had the last of our zucchini to use up.

A salad with Greek flavors and full of produce from Guenevere Garden, tossed in a bright red wine vinaigrette and served with crusty bread to sop up the goodness sounded like the perfect side to add to the spread.

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