Melted Summer Tomato Pasta


It’s late August and the cherry tomatoes are ripening faster than I can pick and cook them. The super sweet, perfectly-round fruits are so fresh that most days I don’t even bother to turn them into a dish. Simply slice ’em in half and top with salt and fresh ground pepper – ah, total bliss.

But when I have an entire bowl of cherry tomatoes that need to be used ASAP, my favorite thing to do is simmer them into a sauce with white wine, garlic and onion. The tomatoes burst and melt – creating  a sweet, summertime gravy that is divine on top of penne and grated with parmesan.

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Eat Chipotle – Help Shelter Animals


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Two things I love – guacamole and puppies – are teaming up for a great cause this Tuesday, August 23. The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is having a fundraiser across all Western PA Chipotle’s in an effort to raise awareness and funds for shelter animals. I know you hit up the local Chipotle  at least 1x a week for dinner anyways – so why not have it be this Tuesday and help support a great cause! 50% of all proceeds from local area Chipotle’s (full listing of participating Chipotle’s below) on Tuesday will go towards the Humane Society – all you have to do is show the cashier the flyer image on your phone or simply tell the cashier you are supporting the cause.

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Bride To Be Quiche

One of my favorites parts of being a bride was picking out everything on our wedding registry. From choosing the color of my KitchenAid Mixer (Aqua Sky) – to deciding how many place settings to get vs. what we actually need (when will I ever be able to have a sit-down dinner for 12?) – to selecting a glass for literally every type of drink we could ever want – the 2+ hours Jeff and I spent in Crate & Barrel was definitely an engagement highlight.

And with the wedding registry comes dishes, pans and glasses that serve one purpose. A ceramic dish that melts brie perfectly? Sign me up. A tiny carafe for extra wine at your place setting? Need that. A quiche dish that had me envisioning boozy brunches with girlfriends? Must-have.

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Grilled Guenevere Garden Salad

For a family party with a  “Throwback to the 60’s” theme – complete with a menu full of cream of mushroom casseroles, dump cakes & whiskey sours – I figured I would bring a healthy dish to the family table. Our tomatoes are ripening and turning red and I had the last of our zucchini to use up.

A salad with Greek flavors and full of produce from Guenevere Garden, tossed in a bright red wine vinaigrette and served with crusty bread to sop up the goodness sounded like the perfect side to add to the spread.

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Our Slice of the Suburbs

My husband & I bought our house in the northern suburb of McCandless outside of Pittsburgh in 2014. We were ready to leave our South Side city life and start a new chapter. After a few months of looking and the grandiose statement from me that ‘I would be ready to buy a house on April 1, 2014’ — we put in an offer that was accepted on, you guessed it, April 1st.

A three bedroom ranch with a fenced in yard, hardwood floors and a fireplace was ours. A little slice of suburbia for two twenty-somethings. We were thrilled yet apprehensive about leaving the city and pretty much had no idea about how much hard work  goes into making someone else’s house, your home.

We dove head first into our new role as homeowners and I am lucky enough to be married to a guy who could quit his job tomorrow and be a carpenter. Jeff became the house project manager and contractor – I became the head designer and interior decorator. Together – we have completed some projects that we are really proud of.

Since we moved in,  Jeff & I have also been working on our green thumb. Our first year we put in a raised garden bed and built earth boxes so we could really jump into backyard gardening. Our Guenevere Garden was born.

After a pretty successful first year and over halfway through our second year – I have learned a few things but really we still have no idea what we’re doing. We pick our plants based on whatever catches our eye from a Mt. Troy nursery (Brenckle’s is the best!) and then pretty much cross our fingers. Gardening 101: It’s all trial & error.

Between house projects, starting a garden, getting married and becoming dog parents – we have come to love our suBURGHia life. Hence – this blog is now officially off the ground and I’m so excited to document recipes from the #GuenevereGarden, house projects, Pittsburgh to-do’s in the city and 15 minutes outside and share them here. Welcome!