Hi – I’m Molly Petrilli. I’m a twenty-something who loves all things food, home and pop culture. Newly married to my super handy and smart husband, Jeff. Dog mom to a crazy, sweet lab mix named Rigby. A Penn State alum. An amateur gardener. A chronic buyer of throw pillows. A lover of a well-made cheese plate and all things entertaining & interiors. A homeowner who is trying to make the most of a 1952 ranch. An eCommerce professional by day. A reality TV junkie and Ina Garten devotee. A sister, friend and soon-to-be aunt. 

I’m here chronicling tried & true dishes I’d make for company – new recipes that might end up as the dog’s dinner instead of ours – home projects that we dive head first into – and anything else that inspires, excites and intrigues me.

Welcome. I’m excited to claim this tiny corner of the internet.

Feel free to email me at mollypetrilli@gmail.com. And check me out on Twitter @mollytrilli.


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